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Self-Adjusting Clutch (SAC)
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Self-Adjusting Clutch (SAC)

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As clutches are subjected to continuous wear and tear, LuK, as the first clutch manufacturer worldwide, has invested tremendous efforts in the development of a wear adjustment solution SAC technology has since asserted itself in a wide variety of motor vehicles, in particular in models with large engines where the clutch can be actuated far more comfortably with an SAC.

The SAC uses a load sensor (sensor diaphragm spring) to activate its wear adjustment function by turning a ramped ring. This wear adjusting mechanism reduces the required actuation forces while increasing clutch life by around 1.5 times. In addition, actuation forces remain nearly unchanged throughout the clutch‘s service life. The SAC wear-adjustment system – which consists of the sensor diaphragm spring (load sensor) and a deep-drawn steel adjusting ring – is characterised by its excellent functional accuracy. As clutch actuation comfort requires a harmonic operating load curve in addition to low actuation forces, the SAC was designed with the capacity to be tuned to each vehicle’s specific characteristic curve. One such feature is the compensation spring, which is able to generate the flatter characteristic curves that are frequently desired.

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