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LuK Sheffield facilities are located close to the M1 Junction 31 for good transport links on a purpose built Greenfield site. Covering 17500m2 of floor space, production is split between machining activities and final assembly.



The machine shop produces the pressure plate for both car & tractor clutch covers and the housings for the tractor covers. On site a variety of CNC controlled machines and processes such as turning, milling and drilling are used in order to transform the raw castings into finished machined parts, ready for use on the final assembly lines. All machine programs are linked via a network to a central server ensuring they are of the latest and optimal standard. In addition, SPC stations are fitted to each workstation for accurate capability monitoring of the machine and the parts produced.



There are four main assembly areas at LuK Sheffield, passenger car clutch & drive plate and tractor clutch, drive plate & damper assembly. From these lines upwards of 45,000 final assemblies are produced daily.


Car Assembly

There are four dedicated lines for the production of passenger car clutch covers, each manned with operators who sequentially load the components. The whole assemblies are riveted together, after which they are 100% checked to ensure they meet the customer specifications. Balancing and final visual inspection are all that is left to be done before the clutches are packed and delivered direct to car assembly plants throughout Europe. The drive plate production follows a similar route, although there are several sub assemblies that need to be sequenced with the final production to ensure on time delivery.


Tractor Assembly

Tractor assembly follows a similar route as the car production, but with more labour intensive processes. Parts are sourced worldwide from afar as China & Brazil to local UK suppliers. Each clutch is assembled by hand and manually set and adjusted to ensure it meets the customers exacting requirements. Final inspection & packing follows before parts are despatched to the customers throughout the world.


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